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Call For Pricing 

A la Carte Services                                                                            Specialty Shampoos

Nail Cut & File                                                                                  Deskunk

Teeth Cleaning                                                                                 Deshed

Ear Cleaning                                                                                     Flea & Tick                                                                                 
Anal Glands (External Expression)                                                        Medicated

Brush Out

Brush & Blow Out

Paw Balm

Paw Pad Shave (Pads only)
Spa Treatments                                                                               Additional Charges 
Puppy Starter *Up to 16 weeks

Deshed Spa

Full Service Spa


Special Handling Fee $10 - $30

If a Dog is difficult to handle, tries to bite or can’t stand, this charge may be added due to the additional time taken to groom the Dog. This charge can be added after the grooming begins due to lack of knowledge of Dog’s Behavior; especially if the Dog is a new client.


Post-Grooming Room Fee $21 - $33

If the owner can not pick up within 1 hour after the grooming is complete there will be additional charges.

1 - 4 hrs over $21 charge 4+ hrs over $33 charge

Haircuts & Trims Not Available

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