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“My dogs are my family.  I look forward to welcoming your dog to our home away from home."  ​

- Linda Paquet

Owner / Founder



Manager: Ali Benway

Since she was a child Ali has cared for many different species of animals ranging from bearded dragons, snakes, cows, chickens and of course dogs! Her educational experience includes a three year program that taught her small animal management, animal nutrition, animal first aid, dog CPR, basic dog training and grooming. She was active in the Future Farmers of America program throughout high-school where she volunteered working on farms and around the community.

Pawquet's Play & Stay is designed with the idea that your dog is our family. We wanted to create a safe and comfortable environment where we would feel confident leaving our own canine companions.

Owners and founders Linda and Tony Paquet have taken their vision of having cage free dog daycare and boarding and made it a reality. They have had a passion for dogs their entire lives.  Not only have they always had a dog of their own, but have often opened their home to foster rescue puppies and assisted in the transition to their forever home.

About us

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