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Daycare & Boarding

At Pawquet's Play & Stay, we offer options for both boarding and dog daycare

RESERVATIONS REQUIRED for both Boarding & Daycare


Monday - Friday 6:30am - 7:00pm     

Saturday & Sunday 9:00am - 5:00pm

Our cage free, indoor and outdoor dog daycare is designed as a safe and fun environment, where they will receive lots of personal attention from our staff as well as valuable play time with the many friends they will make while spending each day with us.

Parents must call ahead to reserve daycare days and all new dogs are required to come in for an evaluation to assess temperament. 


**Important Vaccine Information**
  • Dogs are required to have current vaccinations against Rabies, Bordetella and Distemper.

  • Parents are responsible to keep their dog(s) up to date on all required vaccines and provide Pawquet’s Play & Stay with the necessary paperwork in order to use any service provided by the facility. 

  • RESCUE & BREEDER PAPERWORK NOT ACCEPTED : Must be provided by YOUR personal vet

  • Vaccine records must show expiration dates or the date given and duration of immunity.

  • Those who don't will be turned away and will be charged accordingly.

  • We request vaccine paperwork to be sent over prior to services incase of an error and allow time for correction

Unaltered Males over 7 Months of age can not participate in interactive daycare.

Unaltered Females can not be in the building during their Heat cycles & 1 week after their Heat cycle is over.

No Shows: Parents must notify by closing the day before their scheduled day to cancel their daycare reservation otherwise there will be a fee added per dog to the owners account. There are no exceptions.

Late Pick Up: Dogs not picked up by closing will be charged a late fee per dog. 

If a parent is going to be late picking up please call and notify the business as Doors will be shut and locked 15 minutes after close and you will have to pay for the cost of boarding. Charge depends on room availability.

Due to the safety of dogs and staff in the building once doors are locked they will not be reopened until the business opens the following day.

Limited Play & Private Play

Availability depends on open boarding rooms for the days requested ; As both require pups to be in a room for a period of time during rotations in and out of our open play areas. 

Limited Play : Available to dogs whose play styles can be overstimulating in the normal play group but are able to play with certain dogs that fit their playstyle. If we do not have pups to fit the playstyle parents will be notified and their pup will be moved to Private play.

Private Play: Also referred to as No Daycare Dogs : Available to dogs who can not interact with other pups due to aggression or other concerns. These pups only play with the attendants

Boarding Rooms 
Large Luxury Themed Rooms:

Size 8' x 7'
Includes Kuranda Luxury Suite Bed & Flat screen TV

Large Standard Room:
Size 4' x 9'

Includes Kuranda Dog Bed & Blanket

Standard Room:
Size 4' x 7'
Includes Kuranda Dog Bed & Blanket
*Open Sleepover:
Must Complete Social Evalu
*Open boarding is used for dogs with destructive behaviors
room aggression

Open Boarding is NOT AVAILABLE to Unaltered males & females

Overnight Boarding 
There are three options for your dog's next Stay at Pawquet's Play and Stay.All rooms include play time for those who pass the social evaluation and for those who are private/limited play they will have one on one time with an attendant throughout the day.Multi-dog discount only applies to those who live in the same household

  • Boarding is a 24 hour period from drop-off to pick-up. : Any amount of time over will result in a late fee. Up to 4 hours over half day charge of daycare. Greater than 4 hours full day charge of daycare. There are no exceptions.
  • If a female goes into heat during their boarding stay, parents will be responsible to pick up asap and will be charged for the remainder of their scheduled stay.
  • CANCELLATION / MODIFICATION POLICY: If you cancel your boarding in any way after the timeframes listed below you will lose your deposit.  If you modify your stay after the timeframes listed you will owe for additional nights originally scheduled. No Call / No shows will owe for their stay in its entirety. There are no exceptions.


For non-holidays, please notify us of your cancellation / modification 72 hours prior to your drop-off date.

Example: If you are scheduled to drop off the 4th, we must receive your cancellation / modification by closing on the 1st. 


For holiday and school vacation reservations, we require an 11-day advance notice and a non-refundable deposit for the first night at the time of reservation. If any day/night of your original boarding stay falls on a holiday or school vacation we follow this policy.

Example: If you are scheduled to drop off the 11th, we must receive your cancellation / modification by closing on the 1st.

Note: To ensure proper feeding we ask you pre-bag your pup(s) meals. This allows staff to double check no one is over / under fed. We do not have the room to store large bags of food or containers.

 If you do not pre-bag meals you will be charged a service fee.

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