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Pawquet's Play & Stay is
"Your Dog's Home Away"
Feel the freedom of knowing that your canine companion is in good hands.

Phone: (603) 216-1147
302 Rockingham Road Londonderry, NH

5 minutes from the Manchester Airport Right  Londonderry, NH Line

Operating Hours

M-F 6:30am - 7:00pm

Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm

Sun 9:00am - 5:00pm

Holiday hours subject to change

24 Hour Staff 

We took the Pledge!

As a responsible and caring dog care center we pledge to make exercise activity choices for all dogs in our care center that keep them physically safe. We are aware that dogs can have bad experiences during any activity and will strive to choose activities for those dogs that allow them to return home from the activity behaviorally and emotionally better than when they arrived. Safety comes first.

We pledge that we will:

- Be our dog’s advocate by choosing exercise activities that are the best fit based on their dog’s size, age, play style and health, and based on their enjoyment of a particular activity.
- Learn basic dog body language so we can gain a better understanding of our dog’s behavior and emotional states and so that we can be a better advocate for our dog's.
Select off-leash dog play options that strive for both physical safety and the emotional well-being of all dogs.
- Accept responsibility to ensure our dog's are in the safest environment possible at our facility.
- Continue to monitor our dog's off-leash play environment to make sure they remain an ongoing good fit for our dog's, even as the dog matures.
- Acknowledge there are inherent risks when dogs play together. Therefore, we will be responsible for minimizing those risks by understanding the factors that contribute to those risks.

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